Thursday, April 29, 2010

Talons Central Week 5 Picks

Last Week: 2-2
Overall: 14-8

Iowa Barnstormers at Orlando Predators: IOWA. Iowa is coming off a big win in a crazy game against OKC. With Vena really starting to click with his offense the Barnstormers should really have no problem against a struggling Predator team.

Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz at Dallas Vigilantes: DALLAS. Dallas is coming off a bye week they definitely needed after tough losses to Tulsa and Tampa Bay. Against Tampa Bay Collin Drafts really started to get in rhythm. The break should have given him more of an opportunity to get reps with the first team and get even more in sync. OKC should put up a fight, and if they aren't penalized too much may have a shot at winning this one.

Bossier-Shreveport Battlewings at Utah Blaze: BOSSIER-SHREVEPORT. Raymond Philyaw and the Battlewings should easily soar to victory against a struggling Utah team. Expect Philyaw and PJ Berry to continue to put up ridiculous numbers.

Arizona Rattlers at Tampa Bay Storm: TAMPA BAY. Arizona was able to squeak by Tulsa, but they will be facing a tougher defense this week. Even more troublesome, Tampa has been clicking offensively while Arizona is still struggling defensively. Expect Tampa to make easy work of the Rattlers.

Tulsa Talons at Jacksonville Sharks: TULSA. So I will admit, I made this pick before it came out that the Talons would be without 2 of their starting defensive backs. But I'm going to stand by it. The Talons should be foaming at the mouth to redeem themselves after a horrible defensive performance. Aaron Garcia should put up a fight but the defensive pressure from Tulsa's frontmen should force mistakes and lead Tulsa to a valuable win.

Milwaukee Iron at Alabama Vipers: MILWAUKEE. Milwaukee continued to look like the team to beat in the AFL last week against Tampa. More surprising was the performance of their defense. Alabama may be in for some hurt in this one.

Cleveland Gladiators at Spokane Shock: SPOKANE. Spokane has looked like a complete team from week 1. The Gladiators on the other hand have made mistake after mistake. Don't expect the Gladiators to stop now. Spokane should win this one easily.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is wrong with the Talons Defense?

So with the loss Friday due mainly to the lack of defensive stops the question around the league has become, what is wrong with the Talons defense?

Well here is my take. We aren't being physical enough in the secondary. But lets start with the hard stats and I will get to that.

The Good.
Sacks: 6 (3rd in the league)
Forced Fumbles: 4

The Bad.
Points given up per game: 64.7
Passing Yards per game: 377.7

As you can see, the Talons defense is solid up front. 6 sacks and 4 forced fumbles are impressive stats. A lot of teams are wishing to have just half that. The problem is definitely in the pass defense, which means we need to look at the secondary.

First up: Andre Burns (the showster)
While Burns's stats look good (20 Tackles, 1 Forced Fumble, 6 Pass Breakups). He is considered by a lot of people as our weak link. In fact, the stats may actually support this premise. Andre has more tackles because he is being thrown at more. This would also lead to more pass breakups as well.

Next: James Sadler (the injured)
Sadler has 19 tackles with only 2 pass breakups. A bigger problem was that a lot of Arizona's 4th down conversions and TDs were thrown in Sadler's direction.

Last: B.J. Barre (the suspended)
B.J. Barre leads the team with 2 INTs. Which if you consider he was ejected early in Friday's game, means he's averaging almost 1 INT a game. Barre, however, has no pass breakups. This could just mean he's being thrown at less because he's our best back.

What does all this mean? It means we are on receivers. In fact, watching the games we get hands on passes. Opponents don't get many yards after the catch. We are in their face, but they are making catches.

How do we change things? We have to be more physical. This means more jamming at the line. It means taking a page from OKC DB Fred Shaw's book and knocking a receiver out when he makes a catch. It means attacking the ball instead of waiting back for the INT. The defensive front is doing their job. They are getting pressure, forcing mistakes. But the secondary needs to start forcing dropped passes for the defense to take shape.

Now on to current developments. B.J. Barre has been suspended for the game against Jacksonville this week after his ejection Friday. In addition, James Sadler has to undergo for an injury to his thumb. This means Burns will be the only starter in our secondary. He will be joined by LaRico Stevenson who filled in for Barre after he was ejected friday. In addition, we will get our first look at Chris Royal who was the 2007 af2 rookie of the year.

Talons Central Power Rankings 4/28/2010

The AFL Writers Association has released their Top 8 Poll for the week:

1. Chicago Rush
2. Milwaukee Iron
3. Spokane Shock
4. Arizona Rattlers
5. Tulsa Talons
6. Jacksonville Sharks
7. Alabama Vipers
8. Bossier-Shreveport Battlewings

In addition, the AFLFanzone Fan Poll for the week has been released. The Fan Poll is made up by a group of fans, one from each AFL team. Check out their rankings:

1. Milwaukee Iron
2. Chicago Rush
3. Spokane Shock
4. Tulsa Talons
5. Arizona Rattlers
6. Jacksonville Sharks
7. Bossier-Shreveport Battlewings
8. Alabama Vipers
9. Tampa Bay Storm
10. Iowa Barnstormers

Nothing changes at the top of this weeks rankings, however the bottom of the pile is starting to shape out:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

YouTube Tuesday - April 27th 2010

This week we have a video from the end of Friday night's game between the Tulsa Talons and Arizona Rattlers. It's hard to watch again as a fan, but it was definitely the defining moment of this past week of arena football:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Talons Central Weekend Roundup

Chicago 63, Utah 40: Chicago was just too much to handle in this one. There is not much more to say. Utah is just a bad team that cannot compete with the top teams in the league.

Arizona 77, Tulsa 76: This game was an offensive shootout. Neither team could stop the other. Tulsa forced Arizona to some 4th downs but the Rattlers were always able to convert, usually for a TD. Tulsa was also hindered in an early ejection of defensive back B.J. Barre. Arizona also got some lucky breaks by recovering three Talons forced fumbles. In the end Arizona had the ball and was able to convert on the last play, due to some blown coverage and tackling by the Talons.

Iowa 68, Oklahoma City 60: A great game on the NFL Network. Both teams scored in about every way imaginable in this game. Botch kickoffs for TDs, Blocked Extra Points returned for two points. It all happened here! In the end the Iowa front three got to Tommy Grady and forced a bad 4th quarter on the Yard Dawgz to win the game.

Milwaukee 72, Tampa Bay 61: This game looked like it was just going to be a shootout until the fourth quarter. By then the Iron defense started to pickup on the storm and force some turnovers and stops. In the end the best team in the league pulled away and got to 3-0.

League Leaders:

Receiving TDs: Donovan Morgan (TUL) 12
Rushing TDs: Dan Alexander (ALA) 13 (Note: he also leads in rushing yards)
Passer Rating: Chris Greisen (MIL) 137.5
Sacking Leader (Team): TIE Jacksonville Sharks/Spokane Shock 8

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Talons at Arizona Quick Reaction

The Tulsa Talons fell to 2-1 after a last second loss to the Arizona Rattlers.

The Talons started off shakey on offense with QB Justin Allgood almost throwing 2 INTs before finally scoring. Shortly thereafter the Rattlers drove down the field and scored, leading to a rumble between Talons and Rattlers players. The final outcome was that Talons Defensive Back B.J. Barre was ejected from the game. Neither team was able to stop the other for the remainder of the game.

While the Talons Defensive Line came up big in the game with three sacks, leading to a total of seven on the year, it was not enough. The Talons forced three fumbles, all of which took good Arizona bounces and were recovered by the Rattlers.

With less than thirty seconds the Talons took the lead in the game, 76-71. The Rattles made a couple of short passes and with little time left it looked like the game was over when the Talons recorded their third sack. However, there were flags on the field. It appears that one of the Talons had facemasked on the sack, giving the Rattlers one final play from scrimage. With that one play the Rattlers made a short ten yard pass, broke a tackle, and ran the additional 15 yards to score and win the game.

It was a hard fought loss for the Talons. Who knows how the game would have ended if B.J. Barre had not been ejected. The real weakness of the Talons showed in the game, which was the defensive secondary. While they did record one INT, that was the only stop they made in the entire game. Every time Tulsa needed a stop the secondary gave up a large play. If the Talons want to really challenge in the league they will need to play stronger in the secondary.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Talons Official Watch Party at Fair Meadows

Tonight the Tulsa Talons take on their first road test against the Arizona Rattlers. The Fair Meadows Sports Bar, 21st and Yale at the Fairgrounds, will be showing the game live. Kickoff is at 9:30PM and they should serve food till halftime.

The Talons have not given up a sack yet all season. Their offensive line is easily one of the best in the league. Arizona on the other hand has not had much of a pass rush. They have yet to record their first sack. Tulsa should easily control the line of scrimmage giving Justin Allgood plenty of time to throw the ball. Expect him to have another outstanding game.

The real matchup is how well Tulsa's defensive backs perform against an Arizona offense that has consistently put up good numbers. Luckily they will have help in the form of the best sacking defense in the league. Expect the Rattlers get to get rattled offensively and make some costly mistakes.

Tulsa should squeak this game out by about a touchdown. However, a few bad plays and that could easily change. It should be a great game and everyone should make plans to watch it tonight live on niftyTV or at Fair Meadows.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Talons Central Week 4 Picks

Overall: 12-6
Last Week: 6-1

Utah Blaze at Chicago Rush: CHICAGO. Utah is one of the worst teams in the league. They should not be a hurdle to a Rush team that is really starting to click.

Tulsa Talons at Arizona Rattlers: TULSA. Tulsa goes on the road for the first time this season. It is uncertain how good these Rattlers are. They had to come back against what is an unwinning Cleveland and competed against a very good Chicago. Tulsa has won against some of the best teams in the league. This should be a close one but Tulsa should pull it out.

Oklahoma City Yard Dawgs at Iowa Barnstormers: OKC. Tommy Grady is looking to be a star. His strong performance against Cleveland was impressive. If he can play a good game and OKC's defense brings the heat against a weak Iowa team they should squeak this one out.

Tampa Bay Storm at Milwaukee Iron: MILWAUKEE. I have said all season that Milwaukee has the best offensive power in the league. Though Tampa Bay is really starting to click, the home field advantage for Milwaukee should help them stay atop the league.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Talons Central Power Rankings 4/21/2010

The AFL Writers Association has released their Top 8 Poll for the week:

1. Chicago Rush
2. Tulsa Talons
3. Milwaukee Iron
4. Spokane Shock
5. Alabama Vipers
6. Jacksonville Sharks
7. Bossier-Shreveport Battlewings
8. Tampa Bay Storm

In addition, the AFLFanzone Fan Poll for the week has been released. The Fan Poll is made up by a group of fans, one from each AFL team. Check out their rankings:

1. Tulsa Talons
2. Chicago Rush
3. Milwaukee Iron
4. Spokane Shock
5. Jacksonville Sharks
6. Bossier-Shreveport Battlewings
7. Alabama Vipers
8. Tampa Bay Storm
9. Arizona Rattlers
10. OKC Yard Dawgz

Nothing changes at the top of this weeks rankings, however the bottom of the pile is starting to shape out:

Rank (LW)TeamRecordComments
1(1)Milwaukee Iron2-0While not pretty, the Iron defeated a strong Iowa team to remain on top.
2(2)Tulsa Talons2-0After a week off the Talons should be rested for a road test against Arizona.
3(3)Chicago Rush3-0
The Rush have looked great, but the teams they beat are starting to look weak.
4(5)Spokane Shock2-1Spokane beat what is a surprisingly good Bossier-Shreveport team.
5(7)Tampa Bay Storm1-1Tampa Bay is starting to gel defensively as a team to watch out for.
6(9)Jacksonville Sharks2-1Jacksonville made their home opening on NFL Network look like a cakewalk.
7(4)Dallas Vigilantes0-2
Fundamentals are still killing what should be a very talented Vigilantes team.
8(8)Bossier-Shreveport Battlewings2-1
The BWs, while loosing this week, looked great against a strong Spokane team.
9(6)Arizona Rattlers1-1
The Rattlers need to make a statement against a very good Talons team this week.
10(15)OKC Yard Dawgz1-1
OKC made a statement against what is believed to be a good Cleveland team.
11(11)Alabama Vipers2-1
Alabama beat what could be the worst team in the AFL. Nothing surprising there.
12(10)Cleveland Gladiators0-3
Being the best 0-3 team is not enough. This team needs to start winning.
13(12)Orlando Predators0-2
Things don't look too good for the Predators at this point.
14(14)Iowa Barnstormers0-2
Iowa lost to a strong Iron team, but the plus side is they put up a great fight.
15(13)Utah Blaze0-2
Utah started to look better with the QB change. The question is will it matter.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

YouTube Tuesday April 20th, 2010

This week we have a video from the Week 2 NFL Network Game of the Week between the Chicago Rush and Cleveland Gladiators. Its a great hit and dance from the Rush's kicker:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Sorry Everyone, Life has got the better of me today so I can't do my own personal recap. Instead I will post the official AFL recap, I should be back to form next week:



TAMPA BAY STORM 54, Dallas Vigilantes 41 (Attendance: 14,122)

Tampa Bay - It was a battle of the old versus the new to kick off Week 3, with the new expansion Dallas Vigilantes taking on the 23-season veteran Tampa Bay Storm. Experience prevailed, with the Storm notching a 54-41 victory over Dallas. Dallas had a strike against them before the game even started, losing starting QB Shane Stafford last week with a broken foot. His replacement, Colin Drafts, did his best to fill in. Drafts threw 21-of-30 for 212 yards and four touchdowns. The Vigilantes started off strong, returning the opening kick-off for 58 yards and a touchdown, thanks to WR Kenny Henderson. The game was tied up minutes later after the Storm marched down the field with an 8 play, 44 yard drive for a score. Newly signed Cleannord Saintil made a three yard rush for the score. Drafts notched his first touchdown pass of the season not long after, following a wild play where Drafts tackled and forced a fumble on Tampa Bay after they recovered a Dallas fumble. The scoring was relatively equal throughout the first half, with the Storm taking their first lead heading into halftime, 27-21. The third quarter was a quarter of un-capitalized opportunities for Dallas. The Vigilantes were trailing 33-28 when Drafts found an open Henderson. Henderson headed towards the goal with an opportunity to score, but was stripped from behind and the Storm recovered. Tampa Bay QB Brett Dietz found an open WR Tyrone Timmons not long after for a score to put the Storm up 39-28. Drafts got the ball into the hands of WR Derek Lee to bring the score within five, but Tampa Bay managed two more scores before running away with the win. Henderson led the receiving corps for Dallas with eight catches for 61 yards and two touchdowns. Lee made six catches for 84 yards and two scores. Tampa Bay's Dietz threw 30-of-45 for 320 yards and six touchdowns, with no interceptions, mostly finding the hands of Timmons. Timmons made 11 catches for 108 yards and four touchdowns.

JACKSONVILLE SHARKS 57, Orlando Predators 31 (Attendance: 11,179)

Jacksonville - The Jacksonville Sharks tallied their second win of the season and their first home win ever with a 26 point victory over division rival Orlando this weekend. Over 11,000 fans showed up for the first game ever played in Jacksonville, and the Sharks made sure to keep the crowd entertained. QB Aaron Garcia matched up with WR Jomo Wilson throughout the night. Wilson tallied three touchdowns, while WRs Sale Key, Dallas Baker and Jeron Harvey hauled in one touchdown a piece. Jacksonville set the pace early, outscoring the Predators 24-7 in the first half. Jacksonville scored three touchdowns, two from Wilson and one from Kirby Griffin. K Paul Edinger nailed a 27-yard field goal as the half wound down. Orlando's offense couldn't handle Jacksonville's defense, as exemplified by their solitary touchdown in the first half. The Jacksonville defense also sacked QB Nick Hill four times, and recovered two fumbles. Jason Perry had an interception in the second half, and Micheaux Robinson netted a tipped ball in the end zone to prevent a Predators touchdown. Continuing on last week's success, Hill found WR TT Toliver throughout the game, including a SportsCenter highlight - Hill lofted the ball into a the back corner of the end zone and Toliver wrangled it in before being hit by a defender, sending him over the dasherboards. Toliver held on to the ball for the score. Both teams will be observing byes next weekend.

MILWAUKEE IRON 65, Iowa Barnstormers 48 (Attendance: 5,032)

Milwaukee - Two Midwestern foes found themselves head to head this weekend. The Iowa Barnstormers traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to take on the Iron in their first of two meetings this season. Milwaukee won their home opener in front of the crowd of 5,032 Iron faithful. QB Chris Greisen continued his dominance at the quarterback position, throwing 25-of-36 for 382 yards and seven touchdowns. Greisen has yet to throw an interception this season. While Greisen continues to shine, it is his offensive counterparts that are successful in bringing the ball into the end zone. WRs Nate Forse and Anthony "Tiger" Jones have proven to be Greisen's perfect receiving duo. Jones brought in three touchdowns on 12 catches for 171 yards this weekend, while Forse made 10 catches for 146 yards and three scores. Greisen's seventh touchdown was caught by Alvance Robinson. Not to be outdone, Milwaukee's defense also helped to hold off and Barnstormers serge. Marcus Everett intercepted QB Ryan Vena's first possession of the game, eventually leading to an Iron score. Milwaukee managed to pull ahead 13-0 before the Barnstormers got into the game. WR Todd Blythe, known for his athletic catches, caught a pass deep in the corner of the end zone to bring the score to 6-13, but Milwaukee would never once trail throughout the game. Iowa's QB Vena was intercepted twice, including a game-highlighting play. Milwaukee's Virgil Gray nabbed an erratic Vena pass in the end zone, not only disrupting a score for the Barnstormers, but also proceeded to run the ball back 58 yards for a score of his own. Despite two players leaving with injuries in the second half, Milwaukee was able to hold off the Barnstormers and come away with the 17-point win. Greisen continues to lead the league with a quarterback rating of 146.4 after two games.


OKLAHOMA CITY YARD DAWGZ 63, Cleveland Gladiators 50 (Attendance: 5,422)

Oklahoma City - The Cleveland Gladiators came into Oklahoma City winless, and unfortunately left just as they came, as the Yard Dawgz dropped the Gladiators 63-50. Cleveland had their work cut out for them from the get-go, with the Yard Dawgz making a defensive stop on their first play of the game, capped off by a quarterback sack by DB Dustin Barno. However, Cleveland eventually managed to score when WB John Dutton found WR Brent Holmes to put the Gladiators up 7-0 at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter was an offensive explosion as the two teams scored a total of seven touchdowns. Cleveland scored first on a Dutton to Ryan Stanchek 5-yard pass, but WR Timon Marshall followed that play with a 58-yard kick-off return for a touchdown. After back and forth scoring throughout the quarter, the Gladiators went into the locker room at the half up by three thanks to a 28-yard field goal off the foot of Matt Denny. Cleveland was held completely scoreless in the third, and Oklahoma City made sure to capitalize on their lack of offense. Al Hunt ran in the first of two touchdowns to be scored by the Yard Dawgz in the third to give them the first lead of the game. QB Tommy Grady found an open Marshall in the end zone for the second score. Hunt and Victor Mann scored two more touchdowns in the fourth, while Cleveland tallied up two more touchdown passes as well, by the Yard Dawgz offense had already pulled too far ahead for the Gladiators to catch up. Dutton ended the night throwing 35-of-50 for 309 yards and seven touchdowns. He now has the sixth most touchdown passes in league history with 583. Cleveland heads into their bye week in Week 4 winless, while the Yard Dawgz are slated to take on the Iowa Barnstormers at Iowa on Saturday, April 24 on the NFL Network's Game of the Week broadcast.

Alabama Vipers 63, UTAH BLAZE 54 (Attendance: 4,898)

Salt Lake City - The Utah Blaze dropped their second in a row last weekend, falling to the Alabama Vipers by nine. The Blaze started off the night with a bang, when DB Brandon Hampton intercepted an early Alabama pass and returned it for a touchdown to take the lead. The Vipers quickly answered with QB Kevin Eakin finding an open WR Larry Shipp. Shipp ended up with eight catches for 199 yards on the night. Already with an interception under his belt, Hampton sent the Vipers' defense into a tizzy again, this time returning a kick off return for a score. It was Hampton's seventh return for the season and third kick-off return touchdown. The second quarter was call-and-answer scoring, with the Vipers going into the half up by a field goal, 35-32. Alabama's rushing maniac, Dan Alexander, did what he does best in the second half, rushing in two touchdowns. Alexander currently has 13 rushing touchdowns on the season. Alexander rushed 13 times for 45 yards and four touchdowns on the night. Utah's Aaron Boone made an offensive splash, catching two of the three Blaze touchdowns in the second half, but Alabama's offense was too far gone for Utah to catch up. Overall, the Vipers had 409 total yards of offense to the Blaze's 237. Utah's WB Brett Elliot finished the night 21-of-38 for 231 yards and four touchdowns. Boone ended the weekend with eight catches for 84 yards and two touchdowns. Alabama will observe a bye in Week 4 action, while the winless Blaze head to undefeated Chicago on Friday, April 24.

SPOKANE SHOCK 78, Bossier-Shreveport BattleWings 70 (Attendance: 10,378)

Spokane - The Spokane Shock and Bossier-Shreveport BattleWings delivered on what was bound to be a high-scoring, high offense game, as the Shock defeated the BattleWings by a score of 78-70 on Saturday. The top-2 highest scoring teams in the league added significant numbers to their stats in an offensive shoot-out of a game. Coming into the game, Bossier-Shreveport was undefeated, thanks in part to the QB Raymond Philyaw-to-WR PJ Berry connection. Spokane clearly studied their game filmBerry was heavily covered all night, eventually being limited to only four receptions, 10 less than his last outing. Because of the heavy coverage of Berry, Philyaw was forced to find other open receivers and WR Randy Hymes proved to be the most trustworthy. Hymes went on to make nine catches for 174 yards and five touchdowns. While Bossier-Shreveport's stand-out offense attempted to continue their dominant trend, Spokane's defense did everything they could to stop it. With the game at 7-6 in the first quarter, Spokane DL Ben McCombs sacked Philyaw hard in the end zone, giving the Shock a safety and a 9-6 lead. The defense stepped up again in the second, when DB Roshawn Marshall intercepted a tipped pass and returned it to the seven yard line. Philyaw found Berry on the next play for a 14 yard touchdown to put the BattleWings ahead 26-23. Spokane didn't let that sit long, however, at QB Kyle Rowley rushed the next possession for a touchdown to put the Shock ahead 30-26. The second half continued to be a scoring trade off. Spokane's defense started the fourth quarter strong with two consecutive turn-overs: DL Jerry Turner stripped Philyaw of the ball, which was recovered by LB Kevin McCullough. Rowley found an open WR Markee White on the ensuing play for a score, and DB Roderick Mosley intercepted soon after for another score to finally seal the game for Spokane. Both teams will be observing byes next weekend.

Chicago Rush 70, ARIZONA RATTLERS 56 (Attendance: 14,998)

Phoenix - The Rattlers managed to pull in over 14,000 fans in the first ever free pro sporting event, but the home-court advantage wasn't enough to propel the Rattlers to a victory. Arizona fell to the undefeated Chicago Rush, 56-70. The game was a game of see saw scoring all night, with both teams pulling ahead at points but the opponent proceeded to chip away at the lead. Both quarterbacks were intercepted twice in the game, a telling sign that defense was a key part of the game. Both of Chicago's interceptions were returned for touchdowns. The two foes were nearly even throughout the first half, when the Rattlers got up a score on a QB Nick Davila pass to WR JJ McKelvey. The Rush tied it up at 28 just a few minutes later, when QB Russ Michna found an open WR Kenny Higgins for a 23-yard pass. The Rush defense continued to roll from that point on, with DB Nygel Rogers returning an interception for a 14-yard score. Chicago was up 42-35 going into the half, but the battle continued in the third quarter. Michna found WRs Nichiren Flowers and Allen Turner open for scores, while Arizona tried to stay in the game with another Davila-to-McKelvey pass. The Rush were only up one touchdown with a little over three minutes remaining in the game and Arizona threatening to score, but LB DeJuan Alfonso continued the season-long trend of changing possession when it counts, intercepting a Davila pass and running it back for another interception touchdown, putting the Rush up 14 and giving them the win. Davila ended the night throwing 34-of-54 for 346 yards and eight touchdowns. Michna went 12-of-26 for 215 yards and seven touchdowns. His 26 attempts were his fewest so far this season. Flowers was the leading receiver for Chicago, with five catches for 107 yards and four scores. McKelvey led the Rattlers with 12 catches for 110 yards and four touchdowns. Two more of Arizona's receivers broke 100 yards in addition to McKelvey: Rod Windsor with 108 and Trandon Harvey with 121.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Live Coverage of YardDawgz-Cleveland Game 4/17/2010

Today I will be coving live the OKC YardDawgz game against the Cleveland Gladiators:

  • Ballgame. OKC wins in the surprise of the weekend, 63-50. about 11 hours ago
  • Touchdown Gladiators. Extra is blocked! OKC leads 63-50 with 21.6 seconds to go. about 11 hours ago
  • Wildcat TD by OKC. Extra is good. OKC leads 63-44 with 56 seconds to go. about 12 hours ago
  • Onside kick fails. OKC ball. about 12 hours ago
  • Cleveland answers is a long pass for a TD. 2pt conversion batted down. OKC leads 56-44 with 1:38 to go. about 12 hours ago
  • TD yard dawgz. Extra is good. OKC leads 56-38 with 2:26 left to go in the half. about 12 hours ago
  • Quick answer by the glads. Extra is good. OKC leads 49-38 with 8:48 to go. about 12 hours ago
  • Long TD throw by the dawgz! Extra is good. OKC leads 49-31 with 10:50 in the game. about 12 hours ago
  • Gladiators turnover on downs. However Fred Shaw is a little shaken up after the play... about 12 hours ago
  • End of 3rd Quarter yard dawgz lead 42-31. about 12 hours ago
  • What's worse than rounded endzones? Endzones without walls... about 12 hours ago
  • Amazing scramble and catch for a Yard Dawgz TD. Extra is good. Dawgz lead 42-31. about 12 hours ago
  • Dutton interception! Will the gladiators loose another game because of them? about 12 hours ago
  • Yard Dawgs attemt onside and recover... However doesn't go 10 yards. Cleveland ball. about 12 hours ago
  • After a long grady pass and some strong running Yard Dawgz TD to take their first lead of the game 35-31 with 11:18 to go in 3rd Quarter. about 12 hours ago
  • End of the half field goal put glads up 31-28. Yard Dawgs set to receive in the second half. #afl about 13 hours ago
  • Big man got hands. Lineman reception for a yard Dawgs TD. Extra is good. All tied at 28 with 30 seconds left in the half. about 13 hours ago
  • TD glads. Extra good. Glads regain lead 28-21. about 13 hours ago
  • Very chippy first half. Lots of flags... about 13 hours ago
  • TD Yard Dawgz. Extra is good. Game all tied up at 21 with 2:17 to go in the half. about 13 hours ago
  • Gladiators fumble near midfield. Yard dawgs recover and have a chance to tie it up. about 13 hours ago
  • Rushing TD yard dawgs after some really good passes. Extra is good. Glads lead 21-14. about 13 hours ago
  • TD gladiators. Extra is good. Glads lead 21-7 with 9:48 left in the half. Dutton has 3 TDs and 0 INTs let's see if he can keep it up. about 14 hours ago
  • Gotta say I kinda like the yard dawgz multiple macots. Awkwardly works with the plural name and multiple personalities working as a team. about 14 hours ago
  • Yard dawgz take the the kickoff to the house!!! Extra is good. Glads lead 14-7 with 12:09 to go in the half. about 14 hours ago
  • TD gladiators. Extra is good. Glads lead 14-0 with 13:03 to go in the half. about 14 hours ago
  • Yard dawgz turnover on downs midfield. End of 1st quarter glads lead 7-0. about 14 hours ago
  • TD gladiators on crossing route. Extra is good. Glads lead 7-0. about 14 hours ago
  • Gladiator sack and forced fumble. Glads ball at half field. about 14 hours ago
  • 4th and goal from 17. Pass complete but short. Yard dawg ball at the 8. about 14 hours ago
  • After a long drive glads nearly intercepted and then multiple flags push them back. about 14 hours ago
  • Kickoff! Glads receive. about 14 hours ago
  • Hmmm not sure I like this camera for ball games. May return it tomorrow and try for a better one...about 15 hours ago
  • Wow I forgot how crappy the cox convention center is compared to modern arenas like the ford/bok centers... about 15 hours ago
  • Parking and taking stuff to hotel room. Then crossing the street for some arena football! about 15 hours ago
  • Heading to OKC for the YardDawgz/Gladiators AFL game. about 18 hours ago

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